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If this is your first time accessing ROMEO you will need to self-register.
To self-register, review Self-Registration Instructions (see useful link below) and select the “Register” button. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR PERSONAL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER DURING THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. If you have your ROMEO login setup, but forgot your password, type in your username (which is most likely your full Laurier email address) and click ‘reset password.’ If you require assistance please email: reb@wlu.ca. Please note that the system will temporarily lock a user’s account for 2 hours if there are 5 failed login attempts. If this occurs, you will receive the following error message “Error! User Locked.” Please wait the 2-hour window prior to attempting to log-in again. If you forgot your password, follow instructions for resetting your password to avoid getting locked out again.